Karl W Schmidt & Associates, inc’s Certified Welded Powered Conveyors – Wednesday May 18th 2016


Karl W. Schmidt & Associates, inc. is proud to announce the certification by FedEx to build and distribute welded power conveyors.  “Adding the FedEx partnership to our current OEM recycling and bio energy products is a perfect fit to continue our 38 year conveyance history.” said Karl Schmidt CEO.   The certification of FedEx for powered conveyors is the first step to adding other lines and products to help FedEx continue to be a leader in the shipping market.

Karl W. Schmidt has been innovating and providing equipment for the recycling and bio energy markets for 38 years.  KWS equipment can be found in 35 countries to date.  Over the last 38 years the KWS innovation can be seen in all facets of recycling equipment including its competitors.  This dedication to making the best longest lasting equipment on the market is a perfect fit with FedEx’s requirements for being a supplier in the fast paced world of shipping and transportation.  If you would like to know more about KWS equipment or manufacturing capabilites, please contact us using any one of the following methods:  sales@karlschmidt.com, 303-287-7400, or from our website https://www.karlschmidt.com/