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Textile Recycling

That snuggly robe seems innocuous enough, but when it winds up in a landfill it can do real damage. Textiles aren’t as harmless as they look, and textile recycling is critical. Natural fibers are durable, and that’s a problem; they take hundreds of years to decompose. Naturally, they contribute to the problem of landfill overuse. They may even release methane and CO2 gases into the atmosphere and toxic substances into groundwater when they’re in a landfill.

Five percent of US municipal waste was textiles in 2010, with only fifteen percent of textiles being recycled. There is more than 13,000,000 tons of textile waste in the US every year. According to a report just released by the EPA, recycling textiles has more than five times the impact of recycling lawn trimmings, more than four times the impact of grass recycling, more than plastic recycling, and textile recycling has almost as much impact as aluminum recycling.

Our equipment can make any textile recycling program a success. Contact us below to discuss how we can help you and how we both can help the environment.

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For 35 years Karl Schmidt Mfg. has provided the recycling industry with top-tier customer service. We pride ourselves in doing what is always right for the customer. One of the most important aspects of having a thriving business is service.

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Regardless if it’s a single slider bed conveyor, a small engineering services project, or a single stream MRF, the Karl Schmidt Mfg.’ outlook remains the same, "Do What is Right For the Customer" regardless of their purchase!

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We have been engineering & manufacturing conveyors and related recycling equipment since 1978. We have installed over 2,000 conveyors, a variety of dual stream systems and single stream recycling systems all over the United States as well as internationally around the World.