Metal recycling is unusually interesting. Steel and iron are ferromagnetic metals. If they are in pieces of scrap small enough they can be lifted out of a pile of scrap metal with a large magnet. Of course, more sophisticated types of large magnets have been developed, and there are always the cranes fitted with large electromagnets that seem to be a staple in gangster movies. If metals are mixed with other materials, electric currents will affect the metals and not the plastics, and this fact can be used to pull the metal out.

Producing metal recycling equipment requires a lot of technological capability. We are very experienced in this area, and can advise you on just what equipment will be suitable for your particular circumstances. Our extensive involvement in the recycling and material handling system industry over the last 30 years has provided us with insights that you can find nowhere else. We want to help you and your organization take on the task of creating an efficient scrap metal and processing and recycling system. Contact us below, and let us tell you about some of our successes in metal recycling, and how we can make your recycling effort a success too.

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