Roller Chain Belt Conveyors

Equipment Solutions For High Volume, Medium duty applications

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Roller Chain Belt Conveyors

RC6-3 Conveyor System

All of our conveyor systems are shipped complete and ready-to-run unless otherwise stated in the initial quote. Our conveyor system frames are constructed primarily from hot-rolled sheet steel and heavy gauge structural steel meeting ASTM A-36 specifications. Curved sections utilize rolled structural shapes for smooth operation and noise reduction. Abrasion-resistant, ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polymer strips line all areas of contact between the chainbelt assembly and the steel frame. The polymer strips act as a lubricated surface in order to reduce friction and lower horsepower requirements. All shafts are minimum 2-15/16″ diameter, mounted in type SCM pillow block ball bearings. Conveyor sides are an open design for ease of cleaning and maintenance. When abrasives are in the material stream, 2″ vulcanized sidewall will be added to the belt assembly. Also offered: Heavier duty drag chainbelt conveyors to handle very large material loads to your debaler, pulper or shear. Contact us today for more information on our material handling systems.

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We have been engineering & manufacturing conveyors and related recycling equipment since 1978. We have installed over 2,000 conveyors, a variety of dual stream systems and single stream recycling systems all over the United States as well as internationally around the World.