Karl Schmidt Mfg. has been our conveyor manufacturer for over two decades. PBE’s business encompasses a variety of recycling applications, and KWS has provided us with premium conveying and sorting systems every step of the way. We believe that KWS manufacturers the most robust, most efficient, and most consistent conveying and sorting products in the industry. Other manufacturers have tried to copy the KWS design and craftsmanship, and all have failed in doing so. In short, KWS has a proven track record in manufacturing premium equipment that truly lasts for decades.

Behind that premium quality is a staff of intelligent, reliable, and experienced engineers and sales personnel that goes beyond normal steps to insure a project is done the right way. Equally impressive is that KWS is a progressive company, forging ahead with the latest technological innovations in the global recycling industry.

PBE is proud of our relationship with Karl Schmidt Mfg. For 20 years, KWS has proven to be as reliable and consistent a manufacturer that we’ve ever represented.

Rob Lamoree
PBE Recycling Equipment