E-waste recycling is a problem. The disposal of electronic waste represents one of the most difficult disposal dilemmas. Electronic waste consists of all those old TVs, monitors, laptops, cell phones…. the list goes on. Many of the components in these electronic devices aren’t particularly valuable. They’re difficult to recover, because there are a variety of components in electronic devices in a wide variety of sizes and different materials, some of them, of course, quite small. Further complicating an already complicated situation, often the devices contain hazardous material. And the problem isn’t going away. Electronic waste is already 5% of the total waste in the US, and it’s growing every year.

We at Karl W. Schmidt are committed to addressing this predicament. We’ve put our talent for innovation to work to overcome the challenges posed by e-waste recycling. The knowledge we’ve acquired through many years of designing recycling equipment gives us insight into what will really work, and we thoroughly test all of our e-recycling equipment to ensure we’re selling you something that is up to our standards.

If you want electronic waste equipment that represents the best in engineering while exemplifying the latest in technological know-how, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us below and let us tell you about some of our innovative ideas for solving the difficult problem of e-waste.