Do you think construction and demolition debris recycling doesn’t matter? In 2009, a report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that the recycling of construction and demolition debris could prevent the equivalent of a hundred and fifty-million metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. This emission savings would be equal to the entire annual CO2 emissions from the state of North Carolina.

At Karl Schmidt Mfg., we patented the first U.S. mixed material sorting system 20 years ago, and we’re still an innovator in separating commodities by type. Our systems can take construction debris and produce metals, fibers, plastics, and woods that are clean and ready to be reused. Our material handling systems industry knowledge translates into a system that’s efficient and economical. Efficient recovery can make the difference between profit and loss, and our know-how can ensure that the output of your recovery process is clean and inexpensive.

Instead of contributing to the landfill, construction and demolition debris can make a contribution to the environment, preserving natural materials and conserving energy. It’s estimated that 35-40 percent of solid waste in the United States comes from construction and demolition. We can work together to reduce waste while at the same time protecting our natural resources. Contact us and we can discuss how your next demolition project can save money while at the same time protecting our forests.

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