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What Are Drag Chain Belt Conveyors Used For?

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What Are Drag Chain Belt Conveyors?

Drag chain belt conveyors are a type of belt conveyor that use chains to move material. These conveyors are often used in applications where the product needs to be moved quickly and/or where there is a lot of noise. Additionally, drag chain belt conveyors can be used in harsh environments where other types of belt conveyors may not be able to operate.


How Do Drag Chain Belt Conveyors Work?

Drag chain belt conveyors work by using chains to move the material. The chains are connected to a sprocket, which is then connected to a motor. The motor turns the sprocket, which causes the chains to move and move the material.

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What Are the Advantages of Drag Chain Belt Conveyors?

There are several advantages to using drag chain belt conveyors:

  • They can be used in harsh environments where other types of belt conveyors may not be able to operate.

  • They are quick and efficient, making them ideal for applications where speed is important.


Who Should Use Drag Chain Belt Conveyors?

As far as applications, drag chain belt conveyors are ideal for moving materials that are either heavy or dirty. Additionally, they are often used in recycling facilities and other industrial settings.

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