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Karl Schmidt Mfg, Inc’s Certified Welded Powered Conveyors – Wednesday May 18th 2016

Karl Schmidt Mfg, Inc. is proud to announce the certification by FedEx to build and distribute welded power conveyor belt systems. “Adding the FedEx partnership to our current OEM recycling and bio energy products is a perfect fit to continue our 38 year conveyance history.” said Karl Schmidt, CEO. The certification of FedEx for powered conveyors is the...

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Karl W. Schmidt Mfg, Inc., is a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of custom recycling systems. Through its focus on innovation, the company has grown steadily and now serves clients in more than 35 countries. In addition to supplying state-of-the-art recycling systems and equipment, Karl Schmidt Mfg helps its customers operate more efficiently by providing strategic insights on recycling trends and...

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At Karl Schmidt Mfg, we are proud to be the manufacturer of the Revolution System

They can be reached at


Recycling outside the big city is hard, but it doesn’t have to be….

Not with our conveyor belt systems, that...

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In a post-industrial world like the one we live in today, material handling systems have become an incredibly valuable tool within the realms of multiple industries. Not only do they make it easier for us to move and handle objects both too large and too small for manual manipulation, but they also help to do so in such a way that optimizes the time and effort that it takes to move the materials from point A to point B.

At Karl Schmidt...

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Karl Schmidt Mfg Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing and assembly of material handling systems — more particularly, material handling systems that are built to handle recyclables and optimize their rate of reuse.

Providing recycling operations in over 35 countries, our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the applications of developing conveyor systems, dart dumper systems, fluffer systems, and sorting systems that...


Recycling is without a doubt an intensive effort — if you are doing it right, that is. But here at Karl Schmidt Mfg. Inc., we dedicate our workdays to developing material handling systems like conveyor systems, dumpers, fluffers, and sorting systems so that recycling operations like yours can operate more efficiently.

When it comes to the recycling industry, there is a lot of controversy regarding whether or not single-stream or...

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In part one of our two-part blog discussions about single-stream and dual-stream recycling systems, we discussed the difference between the two systems as well as a few situational benefits in regard to using each system.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss a little more in-depth the intricacies of the single-stream and dual-stream recycling process, as well as the benefits and challenges that each recycling system might present for a...


If you have found your way to today’s Karl Schmidt Mfg. Inc. blog post, it is more than likely you already know a thing or two about material handling systems like our belt-and-chain conveyors.

That said, a lot of people think of our material handling systems as giant mechanized sorting, fluffing, and conveyor systems. While they aren’t wrong when they say that our material handling systems move and sort materials, but what we think of...

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For years, Karl Schmidt Mfg. Inc. has been an industry leader in the production of industrial conveyor belts and material handling systems. Tackling issues in the recycling industry, food industry, manufacturing industry, and just about any other industry that needs items moved from point A to point B, our proven conveyor systems help companies just like yours optimize day-to-day operations and get the extra edge on their...

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Conveyor belts are some of the most used systems in many industries. Unfortunately, they consist of multiple moving parts that wear out over time. In addition, the machines often do a lot of work and heavy lifting, which is why they need proper maintenance to ensure they function at full capacity. Whether you are in single-stream recycling or own material handling systems, preventive maintenance will ensure that you remain productive and save...

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Karl W. Schmidt & Associates is now Karl Schmidt Mfg. Inc

Karl Schmidt is retiring and has sold his business. He is still around to consult and ensure dealers and customers are taken care of. Lloyd, Dave, Grant and the Production Team are all still here and producing.

Please contact us today if you have any needs for new systems or replacement parts